How much should you spend on your office coffee maker?

The coffee maker is an important member of your office team. It provides sweet nectar that keeps the office workers motivated, energized and in a constant level of fitness that enables them work efficiently. Of course, there are many people that do not drink coffee but most people drink coffee. Buying a coffee maker for the office is an important decision that should not be taken lightly and there are many things to consider before buying a coffee maker for your office.

Before you go shopping for your coffee machine for the office, it is important to consider how the coffee maker would benefit your work at the office. The coffee maker should be big enough to satisfy the caffeine needs of most of the employees if not all. If you are replacing an old coffee maker, you should look for one that improves upon the performance of the former one. However, you may be in a dilemma if you are just getting started on the coffee front. Here are some options of types of coffee makers available for you to choose from.

·  Traditional Coffee Maker

These coffee makers are commonly used at home because it makes a relatively small amount of coffee at once. It is simple to use as grounded coffee powder is mixed with water and the coffee maker would brew up to fifteen cups of coffee. This type of coffee maker is very suitable for you if you are small business owner and the coffee needs of your employees are not plenty. Some of these traditional coffee makers go for as low as one hundred dollars. There are many models with different specifications to choose from according to their budget.

·  Single-serve coffee Machine

This coffee maker can only brew a cup of coffee at once. It allows every coffee drinker to brew according to their preferences. This coffee maker is perfect for office use because every employee can get fresh coffee whenever they want. However, there is an increase in waiting time for a cup of coffee because you have to wait until one person is done brewing before you can make yours. This makes this coffee maker most suitable for offices with a small number of coffee drinkers. Some examples of this single serve coffee maker include the Keurig K55 Coffee maker and the De’Longhi Nespresso Maker which cost as low as $92.

·  Commercial Coffee Machine

Like the name, this coffee maker brews a large amount of coffee at once. They can brew up to thirty cups of coffee at once. Commercial Coffee machines can perform functions such as grinding, brewing, steaming and even adding syrups for flavour to the coffee. The coffee maker has the ability to meet the caffeine requirements of many people. This makes the commercial brewers perfect for large offices with a high number of people. These coffee makers are generally more expensive and they require professional installation and maintenance. Some examples of the commercial brewer include; Avantco 110 Cup Electric Commercial Coffee Machine which cost as low as $88.

You should spend within your budgets while shopping for an office coffee maker. Make sure that you buy a coffee machine that would satisfy the preferences of many employees. It is also important to buy coffee makers from trusted retail outlets.