Dangers of living in a uncleaned home

There are so many reasons why it is not good to live in dirty environment. One thing that you will realise is that every day we get exposed to millions of bacteria and germs. The bad news is that they lurk around everywhere and spread fast. Good news is that they could be handled and prevented from causing illness. Germs and bacteria are everywhere from the office desk to the toilet bowl to the carpets to the kitchen sink, you name it. Take precautions and invest in good carpet cleaning and save yourself from the bad effects of germs and bacteria.

Research shows that certain bacteria can divide virtually every 20 minutes spreading fast. However, the human immune system is built up in such a way that it protects us from most of the harmful microorganisms.

It is pertinent to indulge in clean habits or hire Ready Set Maids. The application of hand sanitizers, soap, and water, bleach, and water, disinfectants, medicated soaps come in handy. These would prevent the build-up or fight against germs and bacteria.

Do you know that the kitchen sink harbors germs and bacteria? Germs lurk around the kitchen faucet. All the raw food and dirty dishes contribute to this. Other areas that could be affected include the cabinet knobs and refrigerator door handles.

Once in a while, as you take a walk around your house, endeavor to wipe doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches with disinfecting wipes. Also, indulge in carpet cleaning. Carpets are known to harbor germs and bacteria. Carpet cleaning goes a long way helps fight bacterial infections.

Another fertile crescent for germs is wet laundry that has been left unattended to. Always ensure that you disinfect surfaces that one folds clothes.

According to BBC report, 2004 an office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Surprising, is it? But the fact remains that toilet seats are cleaned regularly compared to the office desk. Normally remote controls, computer screen, computer keyboards, phones, carpets, and iPods are left uncleaned. These devices are normally touched several times by many users yet they are the least cleaned.

Another part of our homes that harbor germs and bacteria are the bathtub/shower, toilet, and sink. People use them day-in-day-out. It is advisable to clean to use an old toothbrush to clean around drains and faucets. Special attention should be paid to the floor area that is around the toilet and also the little mug that keeps one’s brush.

It is not only about the various places that carry germs and bacteria in the home. It is also about you because you could stand as the number one carrier of germs and bacteria. You could bring them home from outdoors that is why is it is good to always wash your hands properly.

Experts recommend that you wash your hands for 20 to 30 seconds. According to them, the friction between the fingers and the time spent washing them are equally important. Remember, health is wealth. He who has health has everything and this could be achieved through proper sanitation and good hygiene habits.