Common causes of water heater failure.

What are the factors that determine the water heater lifespan? The average life expectancy of a normal hot water heater is known for ten years. There are many factors affecting the life of the heater. The water heater is an important part of an apartment building process. Most owners often ignore them until they need to be repaired. Fortunately, most common plumbing problems are easy solutions that can ensure cost reduction and improve longevity. Below are some Common causes of water heater failure.

The volume of hot water used
The higher the volume of hot water in the house, the water heater will be hard to heat the water. The use of large amounts of hot water increases the amount of water that should be heated and flowing through the water heater tank. More water requires more corrosion which may be less and less life expectancy.

Water Heater Quality:
Generally, the long warranty water heater will be better than the heater with a small warranty. Long-term units will generally be more expensive on initial purchases but can pay substantial dividends through more important construction and longevity. Find the heater with a long warranty period.

Anode replacement.
There are two schools of thought about the replacement of deadly anode and life expectancy. The first opinion and the other I am involved in is that it does not matter whether the anode has been changed or not. You can actually do more harm to the unit by unloading and replacing the Unicode and then keep the original anode in place. If you can replace the anode then you may be able to reduce the life of a few extra years with the heater, but some people are already taking the project. Anode replacement is complex to become impractical.

Water heater and flushing.
Discharge of water heater and extraction of metals can significantly increase the life expectancy of the unit. It can be more efficient by heating the heater regularly because it heats the water in the tank. Care should not be taken to damage the water heater valve, which is usually weak. These valves (usually plastics) are prone to break, so be careful while doing this type of maintenance.

Incorrectly installed water heater:
Find the heater where the flood may be damaged. Water will rust, damage the outside and the stove and reduce the life expectancy of the unit. The unit should be in an area that is clearly visible and well ventilated. Can reduce poor ventilation and location life expectancy. Never install a water heater on your side. Most units do not set up this type and will not be adequately supported due to failures from time to time.

The higher the erosion of the water supply, the life expectancy of the heater will be less. Water supply chemistry plays an important role in the life of the heater. Water containing a high percentage of metals can also have harmful effects on life expectancy. The heater in those areas where there are fewer minerals in the supply of water, as a general rule, will run for long periods in high mineral areas.