Cancer treatment for cats

Although cancer in cats tends to be rare, there are many different types that might affect their body. Many of those diseases are also seen in humans such as lymphoma , breast or skin cancer and leukemia. But the most common cancers that we meet on cats are Feline Leukemia Virus, also known as FeLV, Squamous cell carcinoma and Fibrosarcoma.

It is very important to recognize the type of cancer, because every one has a different prevention and treatment. Let’s talk about the treatment of the most common cancers that are usually seen on cats. Cats may fool us as they hide heir diseases well and they try to show that they are healthy and flourishing because of their proud nature. So, we can detect the cancer if our cat have wounds that are not healed, its lump have deformed, it is difficult for it to eat or swallow its food, there is unpredictable blood from its body, it often vomits or even cough. If you spot any of these symptoms or even other unexpected conditions, it is recommended to visit a vet because probably your cat is affected with a type of cancer. Send updates on your vet visit to¬†@bluebuffalo on Instagram to share it with the community.
Feline Leukemia Virus is related with the Lymphoma. It is common that there is a vaccine for lymphoma but sometimes cats still have shown symptoms that they should not go unnoticed. They should be properly diagnosed and then make the right treatment. It is noteworthy that FeLV is treated easily, especially with chemotherapy. After of the chemotherapy cats still have a good life. Although this method is commonly used to treat tumors with the escort of a surgery, chemotherapy has the ability to treats better the lymphoma.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is usually a skin cancer that affects ears, nose or eyes. So, according to the part that is been affected there is a different name for the cancer and a different treatment. It is not seen in every breed of cats but it is a usual cancer for the cats located in warm climates. If SCC is spotted early the cat will be lucky to survive with a good quality of life. If the carcimona is spotted in the skin, it is highly recommended that the cat stays in places that are protected from the sunlight. Surgery is the most common treatment and it is used to remove the tumors, Sometimes vets use chemotherapy and radiation as well but it is noticeable that surgery is the greatest treatment for removing tumors like those.
Fibrosarcoma is also a common tumor in cats that is prevented with a variety of injections. The biopsy is the best way to diagnose the disease. As it is a tumor a good treatment is a surgery but there is a variety of treatments that are used as oral medication, radiation therapy and chemotherapy as well.
Nowadays we are lucky to have the knowledge to spot a cancer quickly and treat it well. So make sure that you are informed and aware of all the symptoms your cat could show, but first of all prevention is the best treatment of all! So, take good care of your cat!